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Drapes Look 26


*Production takes 5-8 working days for pick-up or delivery.

Express delivery is available for this product.

At the checkout page, kindly click on the ‘LadyBeellionaire Express’ checkbox if you want this item to be delivered 5 days earlier than the regular delivery duration.

Please Note: The express delivery feature should only be used for one item at a time.
If you would like to make use of the LadyBeellionaire Express feature on multiple items, then the items should be ordered separately. 

  • Satin and Taffeta Fabric
  • Textured Taffeta Crop Shirt
  • Satin Draped Dress
  • Expert hand-wash
  • Expert dry cleaning
  • Expert machine wash
  • Medium heat ironing
  • Crafted in Nigeria

All our pieces are crafted using the United Kingdom(UK) measurement standards.

Click here to view the size guide.

Shipping costs are not included in the product prices and will vary depending on the destination country. 

Returns may be made in store or via the delivery service from which it was received.

For detailed information about our shipping and returns policy, kindly click here

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