3 sisters, 1 vision.

We are the LadyBeellionaire sisters; Chioma (Golden), Onyeka (Daisy) and Ngozi (Valerie).

Our brand is a revival of vintage couture with a feminine, modern edge.

We came up with the name LadyBeellionaire to eulogize our late mom, Bertha, who was fondly called ‘Lady Bee’ by our dad.
We added the suffix “llionaire” to signify what our brand seeks to achieve; the vision that any and every woman who wears a LadyBeellionaire outfit would look and feel plush and elegant.

Your outfit, at any point in time, is an extension of your mood, emotions and personality.

For either a single piece or a collection, it usually starts with a “light bulb” moment which takes shape over several sketches on a notepad. We bounce ideas off each other until we come up with a detailed illustration of what we wish to create.

We categorize our work into 3 lines; Luxury, Elec3fyd and Indigenous.

The flagship line, LadyBeellionaire Luxury is primarily meant for creating high-end pieces which is made possible by fusing exquisite and contemporary details, taking into consideration the specific tastes of the client in every phase of the creation process.
The LadyBeellionaire bridal service is incorporated into the Luxury line. We provide an extensive service which goes beyond just the wedding gown. Our bridal service team is committed to making your walk down the aisle an exceptional experience.

Elec3fyd by LadyBeellionaire is our ready-to-wear line. It embodies flamboyance, excitement and an overall aura of feminine excellence. We carved out the “Elec3fyD” line with the aim of enlivening your everyday looks and as a deviation from obsolete trends.
Simply put, the Elec3fyd line hands over to you the keys to set trends instead of follow them.

The Indigenous by LadyBeellionaire line pays homage to our African-Nigerian roots.
Pieces sewn under this line are predominantly made from African prints and local fabrics and the designs are influenced by the traditional African society and its values. With the Indigenous line we seek to define through fashion, the essence of the African heritage from a feminine perspective.

Beyond the aforementioned services, we also undertake mass production and white labelling services for interested clients.
From both outlets in Enugu and Lagos, Nigeria we are guaranteeing a combined monthly output of over 2000 outfits

Fills us with pride to have had our works featured on these renowned media platforms.

Since inception, our brand; LadyBeellionaire, has been on an upward trajectory and has witnessed unprecedented growth, making us one of the most sought-after figures in the Nigerian fashion industry. This fact is backed up by our ever-growing catalogue and the stellar profile of our global clientele.

Over the years, a host of well-known publications and media establishments have recognized and celebrated the excellence and craftsmanship associated with the LadyBeellionaire brand.


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Our production process is quite meticulous.

The fabrics are of the highest quality you can get anywhere in the fashion industry and are handpicked by us and vetted by the quality assurance team.
The designs are then drafted, modified and eventually brought to life by our experienced artisans made up of; pattern makers, tailors, cobblers, beading experts among others.

Post production, each product goes through a finishing process by the quality assurance team in order to ensure that each product meets their set standards. Every step is taken to also ensure that made-to-order products meet the detailed demands of each client and within the specified time frame.

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We look forward to creating a memory with you, for you.

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